Celebrating the Goddess Facilitator Application

Morning_worship_celebrating_goddessI am thrilled and excited that you are considering bringing Celebrating the Goddess into your community. This program is designed for those who are women like you- with a calling to gather women and create powerful opportunities for growth and learning.

What You Do

As a Facilitator, you are a leader for the group. You are also a visionary inspired to build a community where ideas, wisdom and fun can be shared. As a point-person in your community, you provide a safe, sacred space for women to gather and re-connect with themselves, each other and the divine.

Please note: All of the questions below are required.




City, or Cities you plan to facilitate Celebrating the Goddess Gatherings

Have you attended a Celebrating the Goddess event?

If so, what was the topic and what moved you about the event?

What calls you to facilitate a Celebrating the Goddess circle in your community?

How do you see the Goddess in every woman?

Do you have some experience leading groups?

Do you have some experience leading ceremony or ritual?

What do you feel your strengths are as a facilitator?

What do you feel you would like to improve upon as a facilitator?

Are you excited about building a community of women focused on empowerment and love on all levels?

What attracts you to bring Celebrating the Goddess to your community?

What is your vision for the women in your community?

What areas/topics are you most interested in exploring in Celebrating the Goddess circles? Please list 10 topics that interest you and also what you feel would interest your community.

Who/what are your sources of inspiration?

Who are your favourite heroines?

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