Praise for Celebrating the Goddess


“I have attended several of Alexina’s women empowering events and have seen her for Naturopathic medicine. In all my experiences with her she brings a unique wealth of knowledge and wisdom that stems from a combination of western science, shamanism, natural healing and much more that allows her to offer you a powerful opportunity for deep healing. Dr. Alexina is truly a unique woman, and practitioner with a rare gift.”

-Julie Beyer

“I have attended several Celebrating the Goddess events and each time I am cracked open with new awakenings and new ways of looking at the magical universe we live in. Dr Alexina is a master storyteller and group leader. She captivates me every time with her spiritual wisdom and opens my heart with her loving and gentle approach to teaching. I HIGHLY recommend these evenings to experience the amazing energy that stays with you and permanently transforms you.”

“My experience of Celebrating The Goddess events has been transformative – there’s something about deep connection with one’s inner truth and honouring the Divine Feminine in a circle of open-minded and open-hearted women that is blissful! I feel that every woman deserves being embraced by the love, joy and light that is cultivated in Celebrating The Goddess circles.”
-Dr. Lyndsay Wareham
“Dr. Alexina Mehta’s “Goddess Nights” are enlightened evenings that I look forward to attending eagerly as they come up. I find myself smiling whenever I think of her and I hope to continue to bask in her light for years to come.”
-Farnaz Ohadi, Vancouver BC
“Every goddess gathering I’ve attended has provided me with an opportunity to grow heal and expand in many ways; to reconnect with other like minded women and share in a sacred healing space is always a treasure ! Thank you Alexina for bringing community, strength and healing magic to Vancouver !”
-Michelle Labelle, Vancouver BC
“I always leave Alexina’s goddess gatherings feeling inspired and nurtured. Sharing sacred space with women only has allowed me to more deeply connect to my femininity and a community of beautiful conscious women!”
-Julie Beyer, Vancouver BC