By Alexina Mehta

I was 23 years old, en route to meet a friend and I had one of those realizations that changed my life forever. I stopped at a red light, and I saw a mother and her two toddlers crossing the street. And then the thought…every person I will ever meet will die one day. Yikes! It hit me like a ton of bricks. I sunk into my stomach, pulled over and started to breathe. Wait a second…how come they did not teach us about this fact of life when I was in school? How come no one ever talks about it? What does this mean exactly?

Well, like any typical Gemini, my inquisitive mind started to wonder…to make sense of this thing called “life”… and this other thing called “death.”

I believe this realization I had was so profound that it began to guide my life. So many questions then arose…what is true? Who can I trust? What does this all really mean for where my life is going and why I am here?

The Law of Attraction took over. My friend Nick told me about a shamanic journeying course that was being offered and I signed up right away. I went to the course not totally knowing was journeying was, but I had a feeling I knew how to do it.

I was right. We got to the class and over 2 days we practiced journeying. I now have come to learn that journeying is a tool to receive information about things. One can journey to the past, present and future. One can journey for themselves or for another.

While at the course, I seemed to have a kind of confidence about what we were doing that I had not felt before. It was as if I had landed into myself. I was where I was supposed to be. And that was just the beginning. The course was uplifting and inspirational for me, and set me on a powerful path where I was beginning to experience clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. I had studied Yoga in my early 20’s and I recalled learning about the third eye. It was just a concept when I learned about it, but now I really began to understand what “seeing” meant.

There was a lot more I could see, some things I did not want to see. And then I sought out assistance to understand how to turn the dial up and down when needed. I realize now that this is called learning to work with your intuition.

My friend Nick sent me a message later that week. There was a school where we could go learn about shamanism more. Sign me up. I booked the flight and off we went to Massachusetts on our spring break.

To make a long story short, after the first couple days, my mind was blown open with greater perception, healing, peace, and happiness. I was humbled beyond comprehension and grateful that I found my place in the cosmos. I found a powerful tribe and that tribe just grew, more and more every year as I did.

And what about death? I learned that the body is a vehicle for transformation of consciousness and that I existed on many other levels in addition to the body. I also learned that any fear that there ever was comes from the ego and that I was much more then that. When I connected to the infinite part of myself, all the beautiful virtues existed there. I was taught to cultivate and develop the infinite self and continue to be humbled as the rest falls away. The result: more compassion. His Holiness the Dalai Lama often spoke of compassion. I could always relate on a deep level when I heard him or read one of his books. I vowed one day I would meet him. Sure enough I did…about a year ago!

Studying the medicine wheel and Andean shamanic ceremonies like the fire ceremony and despacho ceremony was powerful for me. I began to have a deep respect for ceremony of any kind as it was time to honour and pay attention to that which operated behind the scenes. I saw over and over again that the most profound healing was possible in ceremony.
I was fascinated with developing my awareness so that I would receive guidance and information in being able to be a better person and ultimately a better healer. How could I be of service and use my life for good?

When I travelled to Peru for the first time I received more confirmation I was on the right track. As soon as I got there, a sense of familiarity and knowingness came over me. Keep going. There is much more for you here.

And so the journey still continues and I visit Peru regularly. To be continued…I look forward to sharing journeying with you on August 29th for our Empower Yourself with Journeying event.

I’d love to read your comments so don’t be shy and do share! Much love and blessings xox



By Alexina Mehta

peru2Peru: the land of Munay (aka unconditional love in the Quechuan language). I have just returned from a marvelous journey to Peru and below is the encapsulation of what I love about Peru. Note this is a small taste of what I adore..oh there is much more, but here are the highlights! 🙂

My experiences in Peru have been abundant in color, inner expansion and warmth. Flying into the vast Andes mountains from Lima is the first reminder of the symbolism that the high mountains carry. Ancient, unfathomable, and rising up into the clouds expressing their wise presence.

The Mountains. What a marvel to witness this. Again, I continue to have gratitude for the invention of the airplane that allows us to be so close to the power present at the tops of the mountains.

A teacher of mine once said in an energy medicine class that when we die, our body goes to the earth, our soul goes to the stars and our wisdom goes to the tops of the mountains.
It’s no wonder that many people seek to climb mountains, to get to the top, and inadvertently soak up the wisdom that resides there.

I am a climber, trekker and hiker. I love going higher and going up. I almost prefer being at high altitude as there is a kind of remembering that happens for me that is familiar and welcome. It seems as if my body craves it, so I listen and as a result, I am back in the mountains!

The Quero Elders

peru4The gentleness, playfulness, sweetness and joy that emanates from these special friends is a treasure. Their despacho ceremonies, rituals, initiations and blessings are given with the highest intentions. I just love their desire to bring light into life.

The connection between the mothers and their babies is so inspiring. I made a comment to my friend that I had not seen any crying babies thus far..only smiling babies…and we saw a lot of sweet bambinos! My friend commented, “Look how their mother holds the baby to the heart constantly. Thats why they don’t cry as much, because they feel safe. ” So I continued to observe babies in different towns we visited, and still, not a single baby crying. Only smiles!

The openness to embrace the divine. Symbols of the divine in various forms are found virtually everywhere in the Sacred Valley. The acceptance of the divine in life as a form of grace and the power of nature is respected. Honoring of the different realms of our existence is seen often: serpent, jaguar, and condor realms honored by the power animals. It’s embedded in the culture and i love that this is so.

Machu Picchu: city of light. Gateway and portal to a vast web of knowledge and technology. When I visited this sacred site, I got a sense that what we see scratches the surface as far as what lies beneath the ruins physical form. I also had an intuition that this technology will be revealed to those who can hold the knowledge with integrity and wisdom.


Spanish. I love how spanish sounds, and am now committing myself to learn this language! I can only see this opening more doors for communication in the future!

peru1New friends that become family. I met beautiful people from Portugual, Mexico, Italy, Spain, USA and Lithuania! Coming together for a shared purpose, the beauty of different people and cultures is embraced as we celebrate Andean culture and tradition. An eagerness to learn what calls us from the heart far outweighs any mental reason for coming together. The heart rules. 🙂

Thank you for reading! Now have you visited Peru? I would love to read your inner thoughts about what you love about Peru. If you enjoyed this article, please spread the love and share


By Michele Labelle


When a new idea comes to you like a whisper inside your heart, listen. It is your intuition inviting you to slow down, call a friend, or just sit and breathe. In this article you will learn some simple techniques to return to this quiet place in your heart where your intuition guides you.

Our lives are designed to have a variety of people to awaken and help heal those places we need to awaken the most. In our mother’s womb, the first sound we heard as an embryo was a soothing, steady heartbeat, the constant rhythm of a calm life-force within. That place of security and being completely taken care of. When we are calm and relaxed, our heartbeat is slow and steady and our mind is calm. When we are agitated, we may have a hard time concentrating. When we fall in love our hearts are filled to the brim; after a break up we are heartbroken. Our mental well-being describes how we are feeling from one day to the next and this can change depending on what is going on in our lives.

When I was three years old, I subconsciously chose to take care of my mom as she cried over my father’s coffin. In my life I also chose to take care of two ex-husbands. Not surprisingly I chose a career to save people’s lives and worked in the Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital for over 16 years. Now, at 53, I feel like I am at an impasse in my life, frozen by emotions and no longer able to pretend that everything is ok. One day, I found myself uncontrollably sobbing on the side of the road in my car, finally letting go of my pain and expressing my emotions in a whole new way.

I was recently lead through a process that had me deeply feel the emotions and anger from the loss of my father at the age of three. In that moment I felt more deeply than ever the pain held in my body, the heaviness in my heart like a big demolition ball, deep sharp pain in my lower back that has been there for years, and another ball of energy that was stuck in my throat; for years I’ve been unable to effectively communicate my emotions and feelings.

Always trying to mask the sadness and pain with a smile and trying to make everyone around me feel good since the age of three. Emotionally and mentally bankrupt.
I was lead through a simple and effective series of questions which helped me to feel the feelings of anguish, loss, and anger from my past. During the process I felt my father’s karmic reason for his passing, and then, an unexplainable space of complete freedom opened up and I surrendered to it. No more blame, no more needing to take care, no more anger – just peace and an unlimited source of light and freedom.

This is one of the techniques that I use as a Harmony Integration Coach to help people clear their blocks and open their hearts to living in a new way. There are so many wonderful tools in life to open our hearts and after being on a personal development journey for over twenty years this is one that has been very powerful for me. It has set me free to live my life from a whole new foundation, that of unconditional Love for myself and others.

After leaving the hospital work I retrained to be a yoga teacher/facilitator and for past ten year my focus has been gentle yoga, and always coming back to the heart .

Our heart is the main clock of the body so to speak. Minutes, days, weeks, years are all going by so fast. We are told to listen to our hearts in life, but how can we do that, when life if going by so fast?

Right now, take a moment; sit up tall, place both feet on the floor, and take a big breath in and out. Now breathe in Love and exhale Love. This was a meditation I taught to teens who were incarcerated in the Burnaby Youth Secure Centre as part of the Yoga Program with Yoga Outreach. As they would breathe in and out love, I observed a shift in the room. A calm steady presence that allowed the teens to become aware of something that felt good inside. By the end of the session they were present to a space that was not there when they walked into the room. The feeling of love filled the room and this was a gift to everyone. I feel this every single time I do this meditation.

The hidden truths held in our subconscious are the keys to our freedom. After years of searching, I’ve finally unblocked the door of anguish, and now feel open to Love in a whole new way.

Michele is a Yoga Teacher, facilitator, and Harmony Integration Coach who creates magical retreats around the world. Find out more at or contact her for a private consultation.


By Laura Simonson


I could not have articulated it then, but as a child experiencing difficult times, I would seek either GOD, food or dogs to comfort and heal the heart of my being.

Through the years both professionally and personally (and through intense illness), I began to witness the intimate connection food held for every “being” in my life, family, friends, clients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. For myself, the journey with food was also connected to where the food originated from – animal or plant. Over 25 years ago, a deciding moment occurred which led me to eventually, no longer consuming animal foods. Looking back to that choice, I realize now, that was also at this distinct time I began to go to work on the healing of my heart, on all levels – experiencing the joy of food for my body and “food” for my emotional being and my soul.

There are three areas and subsequent lifestyle ideas, I love to share for truly experiencing “food” on these levels. I call them Power, Pace and Peace, which seems so appropriate with regards to the subject of heart!

Power, Pace and Peace – With relationship to our physical heart of our being:

1. Every day, begin to enjoy power foods that provide life-enhancing energy. These are rich greens, colorful vegetables, nutrient and fiber rich legumes, protein-packed nuts and seeds, brain and endocrine loving oils, which are also significant foods to maintain the power of your heart. These foods hold all of the macro nutrients; protein, carbohydrates, fats that we require and all of the vitamins (with the exception of supplemental B-12), minerals, antioxidants, plant sterols and more, that we require for whole of the body, that in turn keeps our heart healthy and circulating the physical life force within us.

2. Pace can refer to how often you eat (I recommend, when we are hungry!) or can be up to 5 – 6 times a day including snacks. I also encourage you to eat your food slowly to really truly experience the feeling it brings to your heart and soul, not just your digestive system or feeling of satiation. I realized many years back that chewing my food long and slowly actually enhanced the flavor 10 fold!

3. Then, enjoy your life-sustaining heart food in a peace-filled setting. Or create the feeling of peace no matter where you may be. In your office, on the beach, in your home by lighting a candle at the table before you eat. I always drop into gratitude before I imbibe my plant and earth foods. And you know, they taste better when I do!

With relationship to the emotional and soulful heart of your being, using the mantra or keys of power, pace and peace in your mind, you can design your own heart of your being plan!

Begin to think of every single thought and word as power food for your emotional being and your soul. Because they are. Thoughts are forms of energy and this energy will simply reflect, attract and flow to exactly what you want to achieve or experience in your life. And whether we want them or not, these power thoughts, words (and subsequent actions) can also seem filled with fear, hurt, worry and doubt, however, know that when you allow yourself to experience them, they will actually fill you with power and eventually heal your heart. As Mother Teresa so truthfully shared, “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” Powerful food for the emotional heart.

The same can be applied to peace. Find a place or space everyday (even if it is for 5 minutes) to feel the peace in your heart. It is always there, always. There is no need to search for peace, it is already deep within your being, waiting for you to acknowledge it, which can be done immediately. Just ask for it to breathe into your body and heart. I call engaging this peace, “my spiritual armor!”.

I have experienced miracles in my life and for my heart through the most simple yet profound steps. We have been led to believe that healing is all physical or causing good health takes a long time (or with someone else doing the healing for us), or we have been told it will take “xy and z” before I can shed weight or get fit. I have found that whatever I believe it to be, it will be. This is truth.

So it is with power, pace and peace we can begin to allow the healing of our heart, the engagement of the heart or the giving of the heart. Allow these simple actions with food for the heart of your being, be gentle, give yourself permission to feed yourself only the divine “foods” that nurture your being and in return, your heart will be healthy and filled with love. I know it, I have experienced the depth of these words.

©Laura Simonson


By Danielle Perron, CNP


Next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide.


With its ‘oh-so-smooth’ taste, aromatic appeal, and exquisite range of colour, tea has something to offer all palates. Ranging from white, green, oolong, black, and puerh’s (fermented tea, a digestive aid, and blood cleanser) all tea originates from the lovely Camellia sinensis plant. The distinguishing factor that determines the class of tea produced is the manufacturing step. The eight step process of tea production includes plucking the buds/leaves, sorting, cleaning, manufacture, drying, sorting, and packing.

The energy and attention to the first pluck is truly something of beauty, often performed by women and young adults because the smallest of hands and most delicate of fingers are required for such a detailed undertaking.

Aside from its cultural diversity, there are multiple health benefits to this tasty bevvy. The most common benefit of tea is its antioxidant value. In keeping with our focus this month to brew heart consciousness, lets focus on green tea for heart chakra resonance.

Green tea contains naturally occurring antioxidants that help to prevent free radical damage. The group of antioxidant compounds are known as flavonoids, comprising of two subgroups- flavonols and flavanols. Within the tea flavanol group are catechins, which are recognized for containing the highest level of antioxidants and because green tea undergoes very minimal processing, much of these nutrients remain following the final steps of processing. To elaborate further, within the subgroup of catechins are six antioxidant compounds- catechin (C), gallocatechin (GC), epicatechin (EC), epicatechin gallate (ECG), epigallocatechin (EGC), and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The latter is the most bioactive of all the catechins and most abundant with green tea.

In addition to supporting heart health, green tea contains zero calories, increases metabolism, contributes to optimal oral health, strengthens immunity, increases hydration, reduces body fat, boosts memory and enhances mood. Additionally green has been found to be anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. Green tea also contains vitamins E and D, and amino acids (L-theanine), which can delay the aging process while enhancing concentration and focus.

While tea contains naturally occurring caffeine, the absorption and effect on the body -specifically the nervous system – is much less immediate than in other beverages as the caffeine in tea is slowly absorbed into our blood stream. For caffeine free options I suggest a lovely rooibos, which is derived from an entirely different botanical, aspalathus linearis. Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free and antioxidant rich plant, bold in colour and taste.

In addition to physiological heart health, tea also supports our emotional heart. Tea represents connectedness, community and relationship. When I think of tea, I’m reminded of the coziest of cozy times shared with some of the dearest beings close to my heart. Together we’ve shared some empowering realizations, thought-provoking conversations and the warmest exchanges, all over a cup of love.

Varieties of green tea are vast and available to all, first timers and connoisseurs alike! Flavours that may satisfy the palate range from vegetal to earthy, buttery to sweet, floral to roasted or spicy to uplifting.

To learn more about the health benefits of tea and general heart health, please connect me at:

To sample some of the finest quality teas in Vancouver’s only 100% organic tea shop, please visit TEAJA in Yaletown any day of the week, Monday to Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm.

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By Adrienne Ford

The heart. This magnificent organ keeps us alive by pumping blood through our organs, muscles and other parts of the body. If it is not pumping properly the brain and body do not get the oxygen or nutrients it needs.

It is not a secret that things like smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure are major risk factors. A poor diet high in sugar, processed food, dairy, meat, and/or alcohol, can also be risky. Being physically inactive, being in a high stress environment, or not sleeping enough, are definitely not going to help.

We all know that keeping fit, eating well, sleeping well, and dealing with stress in a positive way are important to our health. Some times life gets busy or stressful and we find ourself neglecting our bodies. Or, perhaps neglecting your body is just part of your program.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

Do not wait until your heart and health start to force you to make healthy choices. Honor and love your self and your body enough to make conscious choices about your health and well-being.


  • *Do you eat raw fruits and veggies?
  • *Are you hydrating?
  • *Do you keep your body and your mind active?
  • *Do you stretch and breathe?
  • *Are you acknowledging stressors in your life and positively working towards resolving them?

If you are not doing these things, this is a very good start.

Some delicious foods you can add to the diet to support the heart health:

Almonds. They are high in mono-saturated fats, which have been associated with reduced risk of heart disease. Don’t let the word ‘fat’ scare you off. Healthy fats are very important for our heart, brain, body, and skin. Like all things, enjoy in moderation.

Take Action: Pack some almonds into a bag, and keep with you. Great for a light snack. Add other nuts and make a healthy trail mix. Raw is best, so try to avoid the roasted in oil and salty nuts. Soaking nuts is an important part of the digestive process.

Avocado. Decrease bad cholesterol in the body. Enjoy an avocado a day. You can even eat the pit. I add the pit to smoothies. It is full of healthy oils and fiber.

    Try this: Instead of using mayo or some other unhealthy condiment, cut or mash up an avocado, put it on a sandwich or use it for a dip.

Spinach. The potassium and folate can help lower blood pressure! A serving a day can help keep heart disease away.

    Add: A handful of spinach to your smoothie, salad, sandwich, and wrap.

The L-citrulline, an amino acid found in watermelon, can assist with lowering the blood pressure. Amino acids help produce nitric oxide which widen the blood vessels. Watermelon is also hydrating. : )

    Slice it: Add to a smoothie, a salad, or eat on it’s own.

Tumeric. It contains curcumin and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Curcumin helps reduce the fatty deposits in the arteries.

    Sprinkle: In a smoothie, salad, curry dish, or take in capsule form.

Spirulina. I love spirilina! It relaxes the artery walls, normalizes blood pressure, balances the livers blood fat level, and decreases bad cholesterol.

    Invest in: Powder form, add to a smoothie.

Enjoy a heart healthy salad recipe:

2 cups of Spinach, 3-5 Strawberries, 1 Avocado. 1/4 cup of Almonds, 1 tbsp of Olive oil, 1 tbsp of Balsamic Vin, a pinch of Himilayan Salt and Pepper. Toss. Serve.

This heart healthy salad is so good for the heart, brain, and body! This salad will repair the cells keeping that body feeling and looking young. Great for a summer BBQ, quick lunch salad, or healthy snack.

Take care of your heart, it is the only one you have. Smile more, stress less, sleep-in, laugh with friends, dance the night away, have breakfast in bed, cuddle up, and don’t sweat the small stuff. These are some of the most important heart healthy activities, because they make you feel good.