British Columbia

Dr. Alexina Mehta
Founder and Creatress of Celebrating the Goddess

It is my honor and pleasure to share Celebrating the Goddess with you. You are a Goddess and most women are not aware of just how much potential lives inside. My mission is showing you just how brilliant you truly are via live events, online courses and training programs:

I started hosting events back in 2007 and I LOVE creating community and the opportunity for learning and happiness. I currently host events in Vancouver. You can join our community by attending events, taking some courses or even becoming a facilitator. Be part of the movement of rekindling the divine feminine. We’d love you to join us! | 

Nathalie Bryn

Nathalie has taught yoga throughout Vancouver for the past seven years, and holds regular retreats for keen students looking to deepen their spiritual practice. Her passion for health on all levels, and deepening her community led her to become Certified as a Goddess facilitator. Having taught thousands of women, and grown up in a family of four, she feels drawn to create the space for women to step more fully into their power. She has found infinite support and wisdom through this training that has deepened both her yoga teachings, and her desire to remind women of their limitless ability to love and heal. She looks forward to hosting Gatherings on the North Shore and in her new hometown of Squamish BC. More information about her schedule and events can be found on her personal website at

Karen Petersen Sainas

Karen is the Creatress of Yogatta be the Change. She is an impassionate Yoga Teacher, Energy Therapy Practitioner, Soul Coach, Facilitator of transformational workshops, Personal & Social Change Activist and Humanitarian. She is devoted to the Celebration, Empowerment & Leadership of Women and Teen Girls around the globe. She is a spirited advocate of inspiring the divine feminine to create an Extraordinary Self~Care Practice that is Holistic, joy~full and sustainable.

“I took who I am and blended it with what I love to discover my purpose so I can fully show up in my life and be of service to the world.”

New Brunswick

Dr. Lyndsay Wareham

Lyndsay is honored to be facilitating Celebrating the Goddess events in Moncton, New Brunswick. Her intention is to create a spiritual community for women to be themselves, and to nurture the divine feminine that lives within. She merges spirituality with her academic background in naturopathic medicine to create a space where love, inspiration, and healing are possible. What she loves about Celebrating the Goddess is the opportunity to connect with like-minded women and to honor the Goddess in every woman. You can visit her health blog for healthy recipes, naturopathic articles, and information on Celebrating the Goddess events in Moncton.