By Laura Simonson


I could not have articulated it then, but as a child experiencing difficult times, I would seek either GOD, food or dogs to comfort and heal the heart of my being.

Through the years both professionally and personally (and through intense illness), I began to witness the intimate connection food held for every “being” in my life, family, friends, clients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. For myself, the journey with food was also connected to where the food originated from – animal or plant. Over 25 years ago, a deciding moment occurred which led me to eventually, no longer consuming animal foods. Looking back to that choice, I realize now, that was also at this distinct time I began to go to work on the healing of my heart, on all levels – experiencing the joy of food for my body and “food” for my emotional being and my soul.

There are three areas and subsequent lifestyle ideas, I love to share for truly experiencing “food” on these levels. I call them Power, Pace and Peace, which seems so appropriate with regards to the subject of heart!

Power, Pace and Peace – With relationship to our physical heart of our being:

1. Every day, begin to enjoy power foods that provide life-enhancing energy. These are rich greens, colorful vegetables, nutrient and fiber rich legumes, protein-packed nuts and seeds, brain and endocrine loving oils, which are also significant foods to maintain the power of your heart. These foods hold all of the macro nutrients; protein, carbohydrates, fats that we require and all of the vitamins (with the exception of supplemental B-12), minerals, antioxidants, plant sterols and more, that we require for whole of the body, that in turn keeps our heart healthy and circulating the physical life force within us.

2. Pace can refer to how often you eat (I recommend, when we are hungry!) or can be up to 5 – 6 times a day including snacks. I also encourage you to eat your food slowly to really truly experience the feeling it brings to your heart and soul, not just your digestive system or feeling of satiation. I realized many years back that chewing my food long and slowly actually enhanced the flavor 10 fold!

3. Then, enjoy your life-sustaining heart food in a peace-filled setting. Or create the feeling of peace no matter where you may be. In your office, on the beach, in your home by lighting a candle at the table before you eat. I always drop into gratitude before I imbibe my plant and earth foods. And you know, they taste better when I do!

With relationship to the emotional and soulful heart of your being, using the mantra or keys of power, pace and peace in your mind, you can design your own heart of your being plan!

Begin to think of every single thought and word as power food for your emotional being and your soul. Because they are. Thoughts are forms of energy and this energy will simply reflect, attract and flow to exactly what you want to achieve or experience in your life. And whether we want them or not, these power thoughts, words (and subsequent actions) can also seem filled with fear, hurt, worry and doubt, however, know that when you allow yourself to experience them, they will actually fill you with power and eventually heal your heart. As Mother Teresa so truthfully shared, “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” Powerful food for the emotional heart.

The same can be applied to peace. Find a place or space everyday (even if it is for 5 minutes) to feel the peace in your heart. It is always there, always. There is no need to search for peace, it is already deep within your being, waiting for you to acknowledge it, which can be done immediately. Just ask for it to breathe into your body and heart. I call engaging this peace, “my spiritual armor!”.

I have experienced miracles in my life and for my heart through the most simple yet profound steps. We have been led to believe that healing is all physical or causing good health takes a long time (or with someone else doing the healing for us), or we have been told it will take “xy and z” before I can shed weight or get fit. I have found that whatever I believe it to be, it will be. This is truth.

So it is with power, pace and peace we can begin to allow the healing of our heart, the engagement of the heart or the giving of the heart. Allow these simple actions with food for the heart of your being, be gentle, give yourself permission to feed yourself only the divine “foods” that nurture your being and in return, your heart will be healthy and filled with love. I know it, I have experienced the depth of these words.

©Laura Simonson

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  1. Judy Armstrong
    Judy Armstrong says:

    What a beautiful, touching and heartfelt message. Thank you Laura. I can feel the energy of wisdom, love and light emanating from these words. You are a true leader. Looking forward to reading more!

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