By Michele Labelle


When a new idea comes to you like a whisper inside your heart, listen. It is your intuition inviting you to slow down, call a friend, or just sit and breathe. In this article you will learn some simple techniques to return to this quiet place in your heart where your intuition guides you.

Our lives are designed to have a variety of people to awaken and help heal those places we need to awaken the most. In our mother’s womb, the first sound we heard as an embryo was a soothing, steady heartbeat, the constant rhythm of a calm life-force within. That place of security and being completely taken care of. When we are calm and relaxed, our heartbeat is slow and steady and our mind is calm. When we are agitated, we may have a hard time concentrating. When we fall in love our hearts are filled to the brim; after a break up we are heartbroken. Our mental well-being describes how we are feeling from one day to the next and this can change depending on what is going on in our lives.

When I was three years old, I subconsciously chose to take care of my mom as she cried over my father’s coffin. In my life I also chose to take care of two ex-husbands. Not surprisingly I chose a career to save people’s lives and worked in the Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital for over 16 years. Now, at 53, I feel like I am at an impasse in my life, frozen by emotions and no longer able to pretend that everything is ok. One day, I found myself uncontrollably sobbing on the side of the road in my car, finally letting go of my pain and expressing my emotions in a whole new way.

I was recently lead through a process that had me deeply feel the emotions and anger from the loss of my father at the age of three. In that moment I felt more deeply than ever the pain held in my body, the heaviness in my heart like a big demolition ball, deep sharp pain in my lower back that has been there for years, and another ball of energy that was stuck in my throat; for years I’ve been unable to effectively communicate my emotions and feelings.

Always trying to mask the sadness and pain with a smile and trying to make everyone around me feel good since the age of three. Emotionally and mentally bankrupt.
I was lead through a simple and effective series of questions which helped me to feel the feelings of anguish, loss, and anger from my past. During the process I felt my father’s karmic reason for his passing, and then, an unexplainable space of complete freedom opened up and I surrendered to it. No more blame, no more needing to take care, no more anger – just peace and an unlimited source of light and freedom.

This is one of the techniques that I use as a Harmony Integration Coach to help people clear their blocks and open their hearts to living in a new way. There are so many wonderful tools in life to open our hearts and after being on a personal development journey for over twenty years this is one that has been very powerful for me. It has set me free to live my life from a whole new foundation, that of unconditional Love for myself and others.

After leaving the hospital work I retrained to be a yoga teacher/facilitator and for past ten year my focus has been gentle yoga, and always coming back to the heart .

Our heart is the main clock of the body so to speak. Minutes, days, weeks, years are all going by so fast. We are told to listen to our hearts in life, but how can we do that, when life if going by so fast?

Right now, take a moment; sit up tall, place both feet on the floor, and take a big breath in and out. Now breathe in Love and exhale Love. This was a meditation I taught to teens who were incarcerated in the Burnaby Youth Secure Centre as part of the Yoga Program with Yoga Outreach. As they would breathe in and out love, I observed a shift in the room. A calm steady presence that allowed the teens to become aware of something that felt good inside. By the end of the session they were present to a space that was not there when they walked into the room. The feeling of love filled the room and this was a gift to everyone. I feel this every single time I do this meditation.

The hidden truths held in our subconscious are the keys to our freedom. After years of searching, I’ve finally unblocked the door of anguish, and now feel open to Love in a whole new way.

Michele is a Yoga Teacher, facilitator, and Harmony Integration Coach who creates magical retreats around the world. Find out more at or contact her for a private consultation.