By Alexina Mehta

I was 23 years old, en route to meet a friend and I had one of those realizations that changed my life forever. I stopped at a red light, and I saw a mother and her two toddlers crossing the street. And then the thought…every person I will ever meet will die one day. Yikes! It hit me like a ton of bricks. I sunk into my stomach, pulled over and started to breathe. Wait a second…how come they did not teach us about this fact of life when I was in school? How come no one ever talks about it? What does this mean exactly?

Well, like any typical Gemini, my inquisitive mind started to wonder…to make sense of this thing called “life”… and this other thing called “death.”

I believe this realization I had was so profound that it began to guide my life. So many questions then arose…what is true? Who can I trust? What does this all really mean for where my life is going and why I am here?

The Law of Attraction took over. My friend Nick told me about a shamanic journeying course that was being offered and I signed up right away. I went to the course not totally knowing was journeying was, but I had a feeling I knew how to do it.

I was right. We got to the class and over 2 days we practiced journeying. I now have come to learn that journeying is a tool to receive information about things. One can journey to the past, present and future. One can journey for themselves or for another.

While at the course, I seemed to have a kind of confidence about what we were doing that I had not felt before. It was as if I had landed into myself. I was where I was supposed to be. And that was just the beginning. The course was uplifting and inspirational for me, and set me on a powerful path where I was beginning to experience clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. I had studied Yoga in my early 20’s and I recalled learning about the third eye. It was just a concept when I learned about it, but now I really began to understand what “seeing” meant.

There was a lot more I could see, some things I did not want to see. And then I sought out assistance to understand how to turn the dial up and down when needed. I realize now that this is called learning to work with your intuition.

My friend Nick sent me a message later that week. There was a school where we could go learn about shamanism more. Sign me up. I booked the flight and off we went to Massachusetts on our spring break.

To make a long story short, after the first couple days, my mind was blown open with greater perception, healing, peace, and happiness. I was humbled beyond comprehension and grateful that I found my place in the cosmos. I found a powerful tribe and that tribe just grew, more and more every year as I did.

And what about death? I learned that the body is a vehicle for transformation of consciousness and that I existed on many other levels in addition to the body. I also learned that any fear that there ever was comes from the ego and that I was much more then that. When I connected to the infinite part of myself, all the beautiful virtues existed there. I was taught to cultivate and develop the infinite self and continue to be humbled as the rest falls away. The result: more compassion. His Holiness the Dalai Lama often spoke of compassion. I could always relate on a deep level when I heard him or read one of his books. I vowed one day I would meet him. Sure enough I did…about a year ago!

Studying the medicine wheel and Andean shamanic ceremonies like the fire ceremony and despacho ceremony was powerful for me. I began to have a deep respect for ceremony of any kind as it was time to honour and pay attention to that which operated behind the scenes. I saw over and over again that the most profound healing was possible in ceremony.
I was fascinated with developing my awareness so that I would receive guidance and information in being able to be a better person and ultimately a better healer. How could I be of service and use my life for good?

When I travelled to Peru for the first time I received more confirmation I was on the right track. As soon as I got there, a sense of familiarity and knowingness came over me. Keep going. There is much more for you here.

And so the journey still continues and I visit Peru regularly. To be continued…I look forward to sharing journeying with you on August 29th for our Empower Yourself with Journeying event.

I’d love to read your comments so don’t be shy and do share! Much love and blessings xox